Trudie and Chloe run the show, co-owners and official #mumbosses at BabyZen. To find out more about the creation and evolution of BabyZen, read on..... 

Hi I’m Trudie, founder and co-owner of BabyZen. BabyZen was born after I became a mother myself. My return to my role as a health visitor wasn’t easy and I knew I needed to do something different. I first gained my qualification in baby massage, then later came baby sign and baby yoga and I haven’t looked back.


I love supporting and empowering parents But the thing I’m most proud of is the BabyZen community. An amazing group of diverse women (and men!) who come together under the banner of parenthood. I watch them cheer for each other, commiserate with each other and raise each other up. Every group is supportive and judgement free. People come as strangers and leave as friends and knowing I have a small part to play in that means everything to me.

To find out more about my BabyZen journey, read my blog post:



Hi, I am Chloe. Play coordinator and co-owner of BabyZen. I have a huge passion for what I do. I’ve worked in early years since I volunteered in a children’s centre at the age of 15 and love teaching children through play. My BabyZen journey officially began however when I became a mum for the second time. 


My daughter Lillie had outgrown her BabyZen groups. At my request for a group for an older age range, Play Together was created and with my background in early years an opportunity arose for me to become part of this wonderful community.


What I love most about BabyZen is the creative freedom we are able to use to plan our sessions along with the help and guidance from the BabyZen community. As co-owner of BabyZen, I feel empowered and privileged to support other parents and hope I can provide others the opportunity I had.

To find out more about my BabyZen journey, read my blog post: