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Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Hi, I'm Chloe. Play Co-ordinator and co-owner of BabyZen. I have a huge passion for what I do and my journey began when I was 15 years old. I volunteered at my local children's centre and felt like I had found my calling. One of my greatest achievements was being offered employment from this. I loved my time at the children's centre where I built strong relationships with the children and their families. From this I progressed and attained my childcare qualifications at a pre school. I found teaching children through play and getting them ready for school very rewarding. It was in the early years setting that I really discovered my creative flair!

I am a mother to two daughters, Bella and Lillie. I found it all too easy to isolate myself after my first baby, Bella. We didn’t attend baby classes and the language and stigma attached to motherhood, particularly amongst health professionals, left me isolating myself. With my second daughter, I wanted to change this. Lillie and I attended baby massage and sing, sign and sensory with Trudie when Lillie was a baby. It was a revelation and an experience I wanted to continue. Once she became too old for sing, sign and sensory I asked Trudie to create something for the next age group, from this Play together was created. With my background in early years an opportunity arose for me to become part of this wonderful community.

What I love most about BabyZen is the creative freedom we are able to use to plan our sessions along with the help and guidance from the BabyZen community.

As co-owner of BabyZen, I feel empowered and privileged to support other parents and hope I can provide others the opportunity I had.

You can see more of my play ideas on instagram: @chloeatbabyzen

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